Why Book a Fishing Charter?

There’s so many reasons to book a fishing charter while visiting Broome! We will try to cover all the benefits and reasons why a fishing tour is so enjoyable, easy, exciting and worth the cost. However, until you actually get the chance to spend a day out on the water yourself, you’ll never really understand the feeling it brings!

Here’s some of our top reasons to book a fishing charter…

Fishing Made Easy

On a fishing tour your tour guide will just about do everything for you! Some tours go the extra mile and will even bait your line, pick you up and dropping your off at your accommodation, hand your drinks and nibbles, gut the fish and they’ll enjoy showing you a great time.

Go Where the Locals Go

Fishing around Australia can be tricky business, understanding the waves, wind, sea patterns, reef, good fishing spots and tides is something you’ll meed to know when taking out a boat in Broome. Unless you’re on a fishing tour! Then you can relax and allow your hosts to provide all the knowledge so you can simple enjoy catching the fish.

Don’t Stress the Small Stuff

Recreational Fishing From Boat License, bag limits, size limits, fishing zones and more… Just a few things that your fishing tour guide will have organised and you won’t need to stress about before heading out for a day on the water.

A Day of Fun and Excitement

Fishing tours are a fantastic way to spend a day exploring the Kimberley and Broome area. Our crystal clear waters are full of fish and wildlife. Don’t be surprised if you get a glimpse of a whale or two, turtles, dugong, dolphins and snub nose dolphins or crocodile! The oceans around Broome are teaming with life, providing a day out fishing a great way to see the real Kimberley.