What’s it Like Fishing in Broome?

Fishing Broome

One of the main driving forces behind angling tourism in Western Australia, Broome fishing has something to offer every angler. Whether you are looking for a multiday offshore adventure around the Kimberley region, fun light tackle Sailfish action, backwater Barramundi, or battles with Blue Salmon and Giant Herring off the beaches, Broome fishing charters have it all.

Sitting at the tip of Roebuck Bay, Broome is in the Kimberly region of Australia, one of the last great wilderness areas in the world. This draws hundreds of tourists to the town, attracted to its tropical climate and relative proximity to remote destinations such as the Rowley Shoals. But while you can’t argue that these areas have some phenomenal fishing and exploration potential, you really don’t need to look that far to find something worthwhile to catch.

Broome’s angling reputation was built on its great Sailfish fishery. Days of a dozen or more Sailfish releases can be the rule rather than the exception, provided you play your cards right. Take a day out for some big game action offshore, and as well as Sailfish, you could target tackle-busting Spanish Mackerel and Northern Bluefin (Longtail) and Yellowfin Tuna. This might be remote, but it’s absolutely worth the trip from Darwin or Perth, if you ask us.

But that’s not all. Closer to shore, there’s a lot of fun to be had targeting Giant and Golden Trevally, Spanish Mackerel, and Threadfin Salmon. At the same time, the waters off Broome’s expansive sandy beaches are home to fast and furious species such as Blue Salmon, Giant Herring, and Permit.

To top it off, the Willie and Barred Creeks are home to more of Australia’s poster child species, including nothing less than the Barramundi, as well as Trevally, Queenfish, Mangrove Jacks, and Mud Crabs.  One of the best places to hook a Barra is in the beautiful Fitzroy River, a unique ecosystem of billabongs and tidal waters. And if that wasn’t enough, you can even finish your day charter fishing by trying your luck fishing from the pier for Bluebone, Coral Trout, Golden Trevally, and Barramundi.

Pay attention to Broome’s tides: the water can rise and fall 10 metres. Make sure you go on a professional fishing tour to keep you out of trouble if you are new to the area.